This is Transform


In the first quarter of 2018 the Colleges of Apeldoorn, Deventer, Zwolle and Zutphen together decided to start Transform. Transform is intended to bring the energy transition closer in the short term:

  • a pooling of available financing streams;
  • the organisation of the missing financing;
  • requesting large-scale/competitive offers;
  • contracting between the parties concerned, and
  • where necessary, the adaptation of existing rules.

Transform does this on the basis of an innovative, integrated area approach that enables municipalities to make the transition from natural gas to sustainable energy. Transform works together with governments, local/regional core partners, investors and service providers.


Based on the results of Transform, around 40,000 existing homes in the four municipalities will be able to switch to sustainable energy from 2020 onwards.

Other districts in these municipalities - as well as other municipalities elsewhere in the country - can then benefit from the opportunities created and the lessons learned.

A condition of Transform is: to make the energy transition possible in a way that does not increase the current costs of individual residents.

Transform is complementary to the management and implementation at the local level. Each municipality remains fully in charge of its own house and is responsible for setting up the process and communicating with residents and local partners.