Approach and working method


Transform organises and facilitates dialogue with provinces, the Dutch government, water boards, network operators, EU institutions, investors, providers, supervisors and other national and European actors. Values in the working method of Transform are:

• Integration

Transform connects the task of 'fossil-free' per district with the task of housing (both rent and purchase), public space, energy networks, water and green space, and even social tasks. Such an integrated area approach makes it possible to combine activities and budgets that have already been planned in a smart way and to deploy them optimally.

• Inclusivity

In other words: rent and sale, rich and poor. Transform has as a condition that natural gas-free living should not cost individual residents more than their current energy usage. Transform creates the financial arrangements to achieve this.

•  Sound business case

The starting point is the existing cash flow in the district, so that parts can be financed more easily. Without heavy public financial efforts or risks.

•  Bundling and alignment

Bringing together schedules and programmes from locally active partners to scale up to a common investment agenda.

•  Bundling financing

In an Investment Platform and optionally in a fund structure.

•  A local approach to bundling, timing, connecting and scaling up

This allows us to achieve economies of scale in contracting.

•  Transform generates attractive supply of energy products

Transform can, by negotiating with market parties, provide volume benefits that lead to attractive and high-quality packages of energy products. After this, the market parties will come into direct contact with customers.
Transform therefore does not have a commissioning/contracting role.

•  Development of investment vehicles

This is to enable pre-investment in the transition. The aim is to bundle many small investments and pay them off in small steps.

•  Research the applicability of innovative financial instruments

Such as block-chain and virtual currency for settling mutual deliveries.

•  The municipality as ‘inviting’ director

Actual change in the market, new opportunities for private entrepreneurs, in which the municipality stands primarily for the interests of its residents.
Residents (tenants/owners) do not participate directly in Transform. They are involved through the concrete local implementation projects.

• Make a bottom-up approach attractive

For the national and provincial government, Europe, and the business community.

• Promote value creation, employment opportunities and social cohesion

Transform's integrated and inclusive area approach ensures this.

• Scalable and repeatable

The inherent diversity of working with 4 municipalities allows Transform to produce generically applicable solutions. This offers other municipalities the chance to take advantage of the opportunities already developed in the first four municipalities.